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کاربر گرامی: شما وارد سیستم نشده اید!
۱۳۹۷ شنبه ۲۷ بهمن به سایت دنیای دانلود خوش آمدید. تمامی لینک های دانلود در سایت رایگان است و نیاز به عضویت ندارد. جهت خرید محصولات و یا استفاده از سامانه فاکتور فروش و همینطور ارسال نظر در زیر پست ها و اعلام گزارش خرابی لینک ابتدا باید عضو سایت شوید.
Baby Connect is the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the Market. It has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine, timers, notifications, emails, .csv export, an easy to use interface, unlimited data, and allows you to exchange information in real time with your spouse, babysitter, nanny or daycare wherever they are.

Baby Connect is the only application available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and on the web. It will synchronize information with others authorized Baby Connect Applications on each device. If you change or lose your phone, no information is lost, you can always connect to your account at http://www.baby-connect.com with a browser or with another phone.

Feature highlight:
- Easily track feeding (bottle, nursing, solid food), diapers, sleep, activities, mood, milestones
- Track pumping and expressed milk
- Track medicines, vaccines, sickness, weight, height, head size.
- Automatically synchronize data between accounts over the Internet
- Display graphical charts of the baby's activities
- For Preemies, percentiles are calculated with the birth date or with the due date.
- Timer to track nursing duration. The last nursing side is indicated as a reminder.
- Timer to track naps, activities, feeding session, mood
- Easy to use! Log entries with just a tap
- Easily view entries from current and prior days
- Email formatted reports to spouses, doctors and nannies/sitters.
- Email Excel-compatible .csv exports.
- Enter free-form notes
- Post events and charts on Facebook or Twitter
- Upload child photo, indicate birthday, blood type and allergies
- Track as many babies as you like, setup as many parents and caregivers as you like
- holds unlimited data
- More than 100 built-in activities descriptions
- Existing built-in descriptions can be customized, new descriptions can be added
- Setup Push notifications
- Send your gps location, display the location on a map
- Track the average number and amount of sleep per day, and the longest sleeping session
- Track the average number of BM and Wet diapers per day.
- Track the average number, total and average amount of feeding and pumping per day.
- Track the number and average nursing duration per day.
- The application has been designed for maximum security. Everything is password protected.

What's new:
- Bug fixes

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
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